Privacy Policy

Interflexion Data Privacy Policy

Interflexion collects information needed to provide interactive training and coaching services. 

How we collect data

Your email address and organizational association are provided by your employer or training partner to create your account. 

Interflexion identifies you through your email address.  After initial login, you must provide a username for your profile. 

We collect information as you use the App:

  • As an interactive training application, Interflexion captures video and audio of you interacting with the virtual characters as you train. We retain the audio and transcript, and we retain our analysis of each interaction. 
  • We capture data during other interactions within the App, such as notifications and feedback.
  • We collect usage data regarding what training you’ve taken, when you took it, and how well you did.
  • Interflexion’s cloud platform captures information about usage time per screen class.

All communications over the internet are encrypted.  Your information, except video, is stored securely in the cloud.  Video remains on your device, under your control. 

How we use data

We collect data to operate and improve the app:

  • Enable you to use the App’s features, primarily related to training;
  • Maintain your account;
  • Communicate with you about the App, such as announcements of App updates or security alerts;
  • Communicate with you about training content, such as notifications of new training modules or reminders to do training;
  • Provide technical support;
  • Respond to inquiries;
  • Perform statistical analysis about use of the App;
  • Perform analysis of the App’s functionality.

How we share data

We do not share your data with any third parties.  Period.  We don’t have advertisers, and we don’t use your info for marketing purposes. 

Your data may be seen by your employer.  The software allows authorized HR representatives to see which training modules have been assigned to you, which modules have been attempted, and which modules have been mastered; they cannot see individual training sessions or the analysis of those sessions.  HR representatives can also see aggregate skill profiles.   In addition, if a coach has been assigned to you, they can see details of individual training sessions and analysis, for purposes of aiding in skill advancement.  Only you can see the video of your training sessions. 

Your employer may have access to the data on your device that could supersede our privacy controls; check with your employer if you have questions. 

How we retain data

Interflexion retains transcripts of your training sessions, and the analysis of those training sessions, on secured servers.  Videos taken during training are kept on your device. 

You have the option to remove the videos from your device, from the Settings menu, at any time.  

Your Data on the servers will be retained as long as you remain an active user of the service.  When your account is canceled, your account will be de-activated and your identity will be deleted, along with any links to organization.  Deletion of your identity from our servers may be subject to the agreement between Interflexion and your employer. For details on your employer’s data retention policies, please contact your employer directly. 

March 26, 2020