We’re an experienced team with a record of success.

Our founders have successfully delivered innovative enterprise software in startup and corporate environments, collectively representing two IPO’s, three acquisitions, one spinout, and over a dozen major product launches. Our experience in workforce planning, performance management, natural language processing, next generation user interfaces, advanced analytics, big data, business process automation, and securing sensitive data allow us to integrate those disciplines and create a unique and disruptive solution.

John Muldoon

Chief Executive Officer

John Muldoon, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-founder leads the strategic development of Interflexion. He oversees product and market development, sales, finance, legal, and operations of the company. In 2018, he built the Interflexion app on the premise of inclusivity, scalability, low cost, ease of use, and effectiveness of one-to-one coaching.

Prior to founding Interflexion, John was the co-founder of one of the first financial-tech companies, Intralinks, a secure web-based enterprise collaboration, content management, and transaction service platform. He has also served as the CEO at Lakeview Advisers LLC. At Lakeview, he provided strategic consulting and operational management to startups and early-stage companies.

John brings extensive experience in financial and operational management, and he is highly skilled in enterprise value creation and enhancement. In addition to his decades of experience as an executive and entrepreneur, John is a Certified Public Accountant.

John is an avid reader. He enjoys spending his free time on the water, either fishing, boating, or swimming.

John Hack

Chief Technology Officer

John Hack, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-founder is the product visionary. He is responsible for product strategy and overall functionality that delivers value to both customers and the organization.

Prior to founding Interflexion, John was the Director of Product Management at Capital One where he was responsible for developing new products in their Innovation Lab. John has a career spanning nearly 40 years in the tech industry. He has also worked with multiple early-stage startup companies to identify product and market fit.  In 2019, John started Interflexion to improve corporate training through the application of artificial intelligence. He hopes to contribute to the development of useful natural language interfaces for computing systems.

In his free time, John enjoys spending time with family. He’s an avid reader and an experienced gardener, cultivating vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

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