One-on-One Coaching: Is Natural Language Processing the Key to Scale?

June 7, 2021|

Interpersonal skills are foundational to career advancement. Unfortunately, improving one’s interpersonal skills is challenging, as it requires not only ample opportunities to practice the skills in a safe environment, but also a trained coach who can watch the practice sessions and provide constructive, insightful, and actionable feedback. For most professionals, hiring a personal coach to provide in-person training is cost prohibitive. Although companies can reduce the high cost of in-person coaching by offering virtual sessions, [...]

If Soft Skills Are Important, Why Aren’t we Investing in Them?

March 24, 2021|

When we look around the room – or Zoom – at work, it’s apparent where our colleagues’ strengths lie. Some are expert communicators. Others are collaborative problem solvers. A few excel on the creative front. These skills are key drivers of success in the workplace but are often ignored in academia or de-emphasized in professional training programs. “Soft skills” are abilities that relate to how a person works and how they interact with other people. [...]

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